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Whether you are paying child support or receiving it for your child, you deserve to be treated fairly and you have rights proscribed by law.

Children have the right to financial support from both parents. Colorado law sets out guidelines for the amount each parent should pay and/or receive. The income of both parents and the number of overnights is considered in determining this calculation. You can find information about electronically calculating child support and/or spousal maintenance using the Colorado Child Support Calculator by clicking here. However, an experienced Colorado or Denver family law attorney is important to ensure that the figures that are entered are fair to you. Various factors reduce or increase amounts and courts have some discretion.

If you are considering divorce or have been divorced but have questions about child support, contact Miller & Steiert, P.C.

Modifying Child Support

The amount of child support you are paying or receiving can be changed if circumstances change. However, simply changing the amount — even with the agreement of the other parent — is unlawful. If you have lost your job and can no longer pay the ordered amount, we can help you obtain a child support modification from the court. Likewise, if your ex-spouse has remarried or come into a large inheritance, the amount he or she pays may be increased to meet the needs of the child.

Denver Family Law Attorneys

In such important and personal matters, you need a Littleton or Denver family law attorney with experience and dedication to you. Miller & Steiert, P.C. is an established and respected firm serving generations of Colorado clients.

Contact a family law attorney at Miller & Steiert, P.C. for an initial consultation.

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