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In Colorado, each parent as long as they don't otherwise have some kind of a problem, including a drug problem or an alcohol problem or having gone through a domestic violence case, stands relatively equal with the court. Once upon a time it used to be that the mother would have higher rights towards parenting time with the children, and in Colorado the courts have really switched towards having parents stand

As a courtesy, we wanted to let you know that a Federal Court in the Eastern District of Texas has enjoined the implementation or enforcement of the new overtime exemption rule issued by the Department of Labor that was scheduled to be effective December 1, 2016. This injunction is nationwide. This ruling means that the new rule will not go into effect at this time. Amongst other changes, the new rule

Medical power of attorney allows an individual to delegate responsibility for making medical decisions to another person or persons. You can have multiple agents, although the medical community typically prefers that you have but one agent, which I refer to as a general. Watch as probate attorney Walter Kelly explains the concept of medical power of attorney and what the responsibilities a medical power of attorney has. Need help in preparing
The question is, "What is a power of attorney?" A power of attorney is typically a written document by which an individual, who is described as the principal, has the ability to delegate tasks to another person, who is generally called the agent. The document is typically in writing and the document is intended to specify the extent and scope of the agent's duties and responsibilities. An agent, of course,

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A power of attorney is typically a written document by which an individual, who is described as the principal, has the ability to delegate tasks to another person, who is generally called the agent. Do you need to create a power of attorney document? Contact Miller & Steiert today, a law firm with experience in creating power of attorney and other estate planning documents for clients since 1959.
The question is, how do you prepare yourself and protect yourself if you find yourself in a dispute that is governed by a mandatory arbitration agreement? There are a number of ways that you can do that. Arbitration is a confidential proceeding that's not going to be heard in a public courtroom. As such, there is a big push to have disputes go into arbitration because it's less expensive typically

Financial Power of Attorney is typically granted via written document by you and designates a person(s) as the authority for financial decisions, known as your agent. Watch as probate and estate planning attorney Walter Kelly explains the powers granted by financial power of attorney. Are you preparing a financial power of attorney document? Do you need some legal guidance? Contact Miller & Steiert today and get connected with a seasoned probate
I'm often asked how should parties select a mediator. It depends on who the parties are, what the dispute is, whether they have counsel, so there are a lot of different ways to choose a mediator. I think it's very important for people to know who they are selecting as their mediator because that will be the person that will help them come to avoluntary resolution of their dispute. There

A living will is a document that exists to direct who has decision-making authority. It's vital in the estate planning process and helps to stave off issues before they arise by clarifying potential issues before they crop up. Watch as probate law attorney Walter Kelly discusses what a living will is and what the implications of one are. Need help in preparing your living will? Do you have question about the
What are the top reasons to select mediation instead of litigation? Mediation is more flexible. It's more creative and it costs a whole lot less in terms of money and time. When you go into mediation it's a voluntary process. It's confidential and the parties have the flexibility to come up with whatever solution makes sense to them. Depending on the type of case, the parties might be separated and

Colorado DUI legislation changed in August of 2015, making a 4th DUI felony a felony charge with the possibility of prison time. Watch as Denver criminal law attorney Ben Currier explains the details and the implications of this new Felony DUI law. Do you need help with a recent DUI? Contact us today at 303-798-2525 to schedule an appointment and get the legal representation you deserve. 
The difference between mediation and arbitration is that arbitration is an alternative to a public trial. Its a private trial where the parties are hiring an arbitrator and the arbitrations are confidential as opposed to being in a public courtroom. Normally the rules around how to litigate a dispute are set by the arbitrator. There are rules, and the arbitrator makes a final and binding decision with very limited appeal rights.
Estate planning and probate
Essentially probate court is a court in which the stuff of a person who dies is determined to whom it goes to. Whether it goes to family members or whoever that person wanted to have their possessions. In Denver District Court they have a special judge assigned just to do probate work. In the other district courts around the state they have a civil judge who's hearing civil cases as opposed
Criminal Defense attorney - gavel and handcuffs
The choice of who is going to represent you in a criminal case is a critical decision that every defendant and every person needs to make. Some of the major factors in deciding who is a good criminal defense attorney is primarily someone that you trust, someone that you believe, someone who believes in you, someone who believes in the facts that had happened. I think it’s important for you to
Any time you have any contact with the police or the police department or a sheriff's department, you should be extremely wary, and you should take caution to make sure that you are not assisting the police in the investigation or proving the allegation against you. One of the greatest things that you will ever hear is to not talk to the police in certain instances. Any time that you are
Frequently in probate court, the need for a conservator, part of a conservatorship or a guardian as part of a guardianship, arises. It could be because the person that needs protection is a minor and can't make those kinds of decisions, or they could be incapacitated because of health reasons or a related injury perhaps, a traumatic brain injury of some sort. The difference between the two essentially is that a
Colorado follows the law that a lot of states do in that it's presumed when you have an employment relationship, that it is at-will, which means you don't have any guarantee that you're going to be employed with that company or that employer for any set period of time or for any set salary or under any set conditions. There is a presumption in Colorado of at-will employment, which means that
If someone objects to a will that's been lodged in court, then that becomes a will contest. Someone's objecting to what the will says is supposed to happen to the person who dies' estate, and they object, and they say, "That really isn't what the person who died wanted. He didn't want this will, and his property, and his assets to go where they say it's supposed to go in

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