4 Traits You Should Look For In A Criminal Defense Lawyer


Mistakes—they happen to everyone. Some mistakes are more severe than others and come with more harsh consequences, as when someone commits a crime. Whether the crime was accidental, intentional or you’ve been falsely accused, everyone deserves a good defense. The best way to ensure this happens is with a good criminal defense lawyer.

Not Any Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Do

Your future and freedom are in the hands of your attorney. Therefore, you should choose the best criminal defense lawyer possible. Of course, reputation has a lot to do with choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Littleton CO. However, there are other factors to take into consideration. These include certain traits you’ll want your attorney to have.

4 Traits Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Have

One of the worst experiences someone can have is to be treated like they’re invisible or on a criminal case assembly line. To ensure you get the best criminal defense lawyer in Littleton CO, look for these traits:

1. Experience Defending Similar Cases. Criminal law is complex and you should find an attorney who has experience defending similar cases. Not only does this show that the attorney is well versed in this type of law, it shows that they don’t have a problem defending those accused of certain types of crimes.

2. Great Communication. A great communicator listens carefully and respectfully. They also communicate in such a way that their audience (you) can thoroughly understand what’s being said.

3. A Willingness To Work With You. The right criminal defense lawyer will want to work with you. You will be a priority; they will remember your name, the particulars of your case and will prepare your defense carefully.

4. They Show Concern and Understanding. Your lawyer should show concern for your case and your well being. A good attorney is understanding rather than of judgmental.

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer In Littleton CO

If you’ve committed a crime, you have the right to a criminal defense lawyer. To find just the right fit for your personality and legal needs, contact us today for a consultation. We’ll set up an appointment to review your case and see if we’re the right criminal defense lawyer in Littleton CO for you. 

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