6 Mistakes A Denver Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You Avoid


Many people think that a will is all that’s needed for their estate. However, this is rarely the case. Much more is involved if you want your final wishes to be carried out exactly as you desire.

A Denver Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You Avoid These 6 Mistakes

When planning your estate, consult with a Denver estate planning lawyer. An estate planning attorney will guide you and help you to avoid making these mistakes:

1. Not Knowing The Laws. Each state has its own estate and probate laws. If you do something that’s not in line with those laws, it can affect how your wishes are carried out. Working with a Denver estate planning lawyer will improve your chances for compliance.

2. Not Having a Thorough Estate Plan. An estate planning attorney can help you find and prepare documents are best for your overall estate plan. Estate planning documents include wills financial, healthcare directives, power of attorney, and much more .

3. You Get What You Pay For. Many people choose to use online legal tools because they can be less expensive than working with an estate planning attorney. These documents are not always prepared properly leading to future problems and concerns that could be avoided by hiring the right attorney at the outset.

4. Giving More Money To The IRS Than To Your Beneficiaries. Estate planning expert Julie Garber points out that a good estate planning attorney will help you sort out complex financial situations. This allows you to keep money in your estate for your beneficiaries instead of paying more than your fair share of taxes.  

5. Not Knowing The Differences Between Wills, Trusts And Power Of Attorney. Each estate planning document has its benefits. A Denver estate planning lawyer will help you choose the right ones for your needs so all of your bases are covered.

6. Leaving Your Executor In The Lurch. Your executor is probably not a legal expert. If you haven’t taken care of your estate properly, this can cause a lot of probate headaches for your executor. An estate planning attorney will help you complete your documents correctly so that your executor’s job doesn’t turn into a hassle.

Peace Of Mind With The Right Estate Planning Attorney

Because there is more involved in estate planning than simply writing a will, a person can quickly become overwhelmed. Working with an estate planning attorney will ensure peace of mind throughout this process. Contact us today for more information. 

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