Can I Name A Guardian For My Minor Child?

Most people when they traditionally think of a will they think, “When I die this is where my assets are going.” That is in fact something that a will can do, but that’s not the only thing a will can do for you. The first and foremost important thing is if you have a minor child, meaning an individual under the age of 18 that you’ve either adopted or is a biological child of yours, we should address what happens when you pass away or you and the other parent or legal parent, whether they’re biological or not, the other legal parent when they die. If both of you pass away, the will can designate a guardian, so an individual or individuals if you have more than one, to take care of your child in the event that you can’t. It’s very important if you have minor children that we designate a guardian and a last will and testament is a fantastic document to do that because it addresses, when I die this is what’s supposed to happen. These are the rules.

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