How Do You Modify or Appeal a Divorce or Child Custody Decision?

The term executor or executrix is not the term we use in Colorado. We hear our clients use that term a lot. The term we use in Colorado is gender neutral, and it’s called a personal representative. That is the exact same thing as an executor or executrix. That’s the individual who’s going to be named to handle your estate. If you’re going through probate, they’re the ones who are going to handle the probate process. If there is no probate process, they are the people who are going to be handling your assets and following the rules that you’ve set out in the will.

We get the question quite often of well, can I name more than one individual? I have three children. Should I name all three? Should I just name one of my children? It really depends on the family situation. I don’t know that I typically advise we name more than one personal representative for the sole fact that they have to agree on everything and sign off on everything. Even if your children agree, it’s not necessarily the best option for them to name all children to serve together because they have to sign off on everything. It’s just an administrative inconvenience for them, but it’s dependent on the family. Whether or not you should name more than one personal representative or executor or executrix depends on your situation and I would have to advise you based off of your personal situation.

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