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How does a Conservator Work to Protect and Represent the Assets of an Estate?

b2ap3_thumbnail_697_U1RVRElPIFNNIDYwNC0wMw---Resized.jpgProbate Litigation Attorney Gary Clexton answers a common question in probate cases where a conservator is required to help manage and protect the assets of the estate. He shares a story of a case to help illustrate when conservators becoming essential in the protection of a person or group's financial needs.

"I once represented a woman who was completely capable of taking care of herself, but because of her brain injury, was unable, because of lack of impulse control, to stop from walking down the street and buying a new car, even if she had a car.

In order to assist her,  we appointed a conservator to handle her finances so that no one could take advantage of her and the money that she had. They took that money, spent it on her well-being, and invested it so that it would last, because she was quite a young woman, hopefully for the rest of her life.

Done this way, she would always have funds available to her through the conservator that she would need for her living and other needs."

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