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How Should You Prepare For A Child Custody Case

Proper preparation of your divorce or your allocation case is critical. Initial preparation involves making sure that your attorney or your other representative really understands the case, understands all of the facts, the circumstances, your interaction with the children, the children's interaction with you, the relationship that you have with your significant other. That first step to make sure that everyone is on the same page is critical to any further preparation.

 The preparation for your parental responsibilities case should also include understanding what it is that the court's going to be looking at. You need to understand any issues that you may have in your case and any other problems that you may have to overcome. Ultimately, making sure that you're spending the time that you need to on your own and with your counsel before you go to court will be really important to making sure you get the outcome that you're looking for. If you're going through a parental responsibilities case, we'll be happy to help you here at Miller & Steiert.

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