If I Have Custody Of My Child Can I Move Out Of State?

The ability to move out of state is one of the more difficult problems that a court addresses here in Colorado. The general rule is that you cannot move out of state if you have some other parental relationship or parental responsibilities matter that has been decided here. If a child has lived here the appropriate amount of time by statute, or is otherwise invested or has ties to Colorado, a court is not going to very easily let a party leave with a child. Most of the very intense battles that are fought before the court on parental responsibilities involve one parent leaving a state, and overall a child leaving the state is a very serious issue that requires competent counsel and a lot of work in order to be something that you can obtain.

 If you’re planning on leaving the state, or you’re otherwise in a child custody or parental responsibilities case, please contact Miller and Steiert and we’ll be happy to help you.

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