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Information About Parenting Plans In Colorado

A parenting plan in Colorado is the overall plan by which each party determines and takes its parenting time or its time with each child. It's based initially on the best interests of the minor children or the child. What that means is the ability of the parents to co-parent, the ability of the parents to make decisions together, what is ultimately in, what is called the best interest of the children. A court will then take what is best for a child and calculate a parenting plan which would include the day-to-day parenting time. Which is mostly overnights that will also take into consideration and calculate vacation and holiday divisions so that each parent has a specific plan that they can follow and enforce in order to be able to have time with their children. If you have questions about your parenting plan or need to obtain a parenting plan, we would be happy to help you here in Colorado at Miller and Steiert.
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