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Learn How Parental Responsibilities Are Determined

The court will determine parental responsibility on a standard which is the best interest standard. There are several factors that the court will take a look at in calculating what is the best interest for each child. Many times the court needs assistance in determining what is in the best interest of the minor child, and it will require an expert to be appointed, which is the eyes and the ears of the court. This individual, which is either called a CFI or a PRE, will review the parties, the children, the circumstances, and ultimately make a recommendation to the court of what it believes the best interest of the minor children are and what the parental responsibilities could be. A court will then take that information, along with its other evidence and other review of the parties and the circumstances, in making a decision on what the parental responsibilities of each party should be. If you're involved in a parental responsibility case, or a divorce, or an allocation of parental responsibilities case, we'll be happy to talk to you here at Miller & Steiert.
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