Protecting Your Three Most Important Priorities during Divorce


Divorce is a difficult experience for anyone, but it is even more so if your attorney does not understand your priorities. When choosing a divorce attorney, it is important to communicate clearly and openly about what matters most to you. This varies from person to person, but for most, the three main priorities in a divorce include protecting:

• Children
• Assets
• Personal well-being

Obviously, childless couples or couples without any assets will have different priorities, but in general, these are the three big factors affecting the proceedings. When making decisions about your divorce, it is important to remain focused on your priorities.

This is why sharing this information with your attorney from the beginning of your case is so important. If you get caught up in emotions or are faced with a soon-to-be-former spouse who goes out of his or her way to take advantage of the situation, it can be tough to think clearly and make smart decisions. Your attorney can guide you and remind you of what is ultimately important.

Choosing a Lawyer that Understand the Importance of these Priorities

There are several things to keep in mind when determining the best lawyer for you. In addition to choosing someone experienced in divorce litigation and someone you feel comfortable working with in general, you also want someone who understands your priorities. To ensure you and any potential lawyer you work with are on the same page, your initial consultation should include:

Discussion about the Issues in Advance

The sooner you get your priorities out into the open the better. Remember, your lawyer is helping you build a case, so knowing what matters most to you is essential. You should share information about your priorities in a clear and honest manner.

If your situation is out of the ordinary and your priorities differ from those listed above, share this information with your attorney. Even if you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about what matters most to you, it is important to share how you feel with your divorce attorney. He or she will discuss how to proceed with your case and help you determine what to do if your priorities change.

Ask: What will be done to ensure these things remain a priority during my case?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a potential attorney. You need to understand the game plan and know how you will be protected. Carefully listen to an attorney’s response to this question and evaluate how you feel about it before proceeding.

If you are in the midst of a separation or divorce and you want an attorney who understands and is willing to fight for your priorities, contact the legal team at Miller and Steiert, P.C.

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