The 4 Critical Documents A Colorado Business Attorney Can Help You Prepare


Nearly every business owner will tell you: there’s a lot of time and effort put into running a business, but it’s worth it.

In order to run a business properly, you will need the help and expertise of other professionals. These might include business and marketing consultants, accountants and tax preparers, and most importantly an experienced Colorado business attorney.

Why Choose a Colorado Business Attorney?

Having a business attorney on your side is vital. A business attorney knows all of the ins and outs of running a business properly from a legal standpoint. A Colorado business attorney knows the state laws that apply to your business and to you as an employer. From tax laws to the proper way to hire and fire employees, an attorney can help with a variety of legal issues including documentation, filings, compliance and litigation.

4 Critical Documents A Business Attorney Can Help You With

One of the best reasons to have a Colorado business attorney on your team is because of the many legal documents relating to the proper operation of a Colorado business. Such documents may include:

1. Business Acquisition Documents. The acquisition, or merger, of a business creates a lot of legal paperwork such as confidentiality agreements, offering documents, profit and expenses statements and more. A business attorney will help you successfully navigate the entire process.

2. Employment Management Contracts. The expectations of the employer and employees must be documented, reviewed and executed. All parties involved must know what’s expected of them which can help if disputes ever arise.

3. LLC Formation and Operation Agreements. In an article for, Nellie Akalp, CEO of, highlights the fact that when members of an LLC sign a formation or operation agreement document, it is an official and binding contract. Therefore, it would be best to review such documentation with your Colorado business attorney.

4. Business Entity Documentation. A Colorado business attorney can help you choose what type of business entity (LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, C corporation) is right for your business and growth projections/goals.

Choosing The Right Colorado Business Attorney For Your Needs

Whether you’re starting a business or have effectively operated one for years, a business attorney plays a key role in your success. If you would like more information about how a Colorado business attorney can help you, contact Miller and Steiert today

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