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What are the Key Differences Between a Conservatorship and Guardianship? | Denver Estate Planning Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_Guardianship.jpgFrequently in probate court, the need for a conservator, part of a conservatorship or a guardian as part of a guardianship, arises. It could be because the person that needs protection is a minor and can't make those kinds of decisions, or they could be incapacitated because of health reasons or a related injury perhaps, a traumatic brain injury of some sort. The difference between the two essentially is that a conservator is responsible for the property and the finances of the protected person. A guardian is more of the holistic person, the health of the person, the safety of the person. It can also be the finances. It varies, but the overall, where they live, all those kinds of issues. If the protected person isn't capable of making the decision for themselves, then the court would appoint a guardian.

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