What is the Process for Posting a Bond? | Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

A bond can be posted in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways that a bond is posted by hiring a bondsman who can then guarantee with the court that they will provide the financial security for you to appear before that court. Most bondsmen charge a percentage of the bond, sometimes between 10 and 20% of the bond as a non-refundable fee in them guaranteeing that you will appear before the court. Some bondsmen charge closer to the 10%. Some bondsmen charge, obviously, closer to the 20% mark, and as I said, this is something that is a non-refundable fee, that is not returned even at the conclusion of a case, even if you were acquitted of the charge after trial, you would still not have your bond amount and the fee refunded.

Some of the other ways that you’re able to post a bond is through cash yourself that you can post depending on the amount of the bond. If you or some family member or some friend or other individual were to post the bond in its entirety in cash, that money would then be returned to you at the conclusion of the case. The other alternative is that sometimes the court will allow you to post property as a security for you coming to court. This requires additional requirements such as proof of the obligations against the property, demonstration that the value of the property is 1 1/2 times the amount of the bond, and is usually something that a bondsman could allow or that you could go through the court system to be able to do.

The most common way and the most common method in posting a bond is to actually hire a bondsman and there are a variety of wonderful bondsmen in the Denver metro area that can reach out and be able to help you. Contact us if you need more help understanding the legal process or need competent legal representation.

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