What Legal Matters Affect You After Divorce


Anyone who has been through a divorce understands how essential it is to have experienced legal representation. Divorce is one of the toughest and most emotionally trying phases of a person’s life, so worrying about legal matters is the last thing you need. Unfortunately, even once your divorce is complete, there are still loose ends that need tying up. A family law attorney is not only able to support you during your divorce, he or she can make the weeks and months following the divorce easier.

Parenting and Custody Plans

Chances are the legal arrangements established during your divorce proceedings addressed custody of your children. Unfortunately, people’s lives change and there might come a time when your custody plan needs to change. Has your spouse decided to move out of Colorado? Are you facing a schedule change at work? Your custodial rights need to be protected, even if situations affecting you or your former spouse change. An experienced family law attorney protects the right you have to spend time with your child.

You must also continue to protect your child’s safety and best interest following the divorce. Ensuring your child is not exposed to anything dangerous or unsuitable is an important part of being a parent. Though your goal should be to build as amicable a relationship as possible with your former spouse for your child’s benefit, there might come a time when your ex-spouse places your child at risk. If you believe your former spouse is making poor choices and potentially exposing your child to danger, you have a legal right to protect your child. An experienced family law attorney can help you determine the proper actions to take to protect your child.

Estate Planning

Divorce can lead to family changes that affect your finances and estate. Sometimes these issues are resolved during the divorce proceedings, but there might be issues concerning your estate that are unresolved until the weeks and months following the divorce. If you need or want to make changes with your estate after your divorce, a family law attorney familiar with estate planning can help.

Real Estate

Have you been ordered to or do you want to sell a home or property that was owned by you and your former spouse? If your divorce has resulted in the need to liquidate assets, you need legal representation to protect your rights. It can take months or longer to sell a home, especially when the housing market and economy is slow. Make sure you are protected when the time comes to sell property in which your former spouse might claim a stake.

Do you have questions about divorce or feel as if you need legal representation in issues that arise after your divorce? The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys of Miller & Steiert, PC can help to protect your rights and guide you through these major life events. If you live in Colorado we can help. Contact the experienced legal team at Miller and Steiert, P.C.


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