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Why are Probate Attorneys Important? | Littleton Probate Lawyer

Estate planning and probateEssentially probate court is a court in which the stuff of a person who dies is determined to whom it goes to. Whether it goes to family members or whoever that person wanted to have their possessions. In Denver District Court they have a special judge assigned just to do probate work. In the other district courts around the state they have a civil judge who's hearing civil cases as opposed to criminal cases also hear probate cases.

It's good to have a probate attorney if you have any substantial assets in your estate when you're doing the planning of your will or doing the planning of your trust, so that it's written properly and there won't be objections or complaints against the will later on when you die. Obviously at some point, if you die and your will gets presented to the court and people file an objection, you're going to need a lawyer to help your estate wade through fighting that objection that's been claimed.

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