How an Attorney Protects Your Colorado Small Business

Small business owners in Littleton and throughout Colorado understand how important it is to protect their business interests. They make things like tax preparation and reinvesting in their businesses a priority, and they should do the same when it comes to legal representation. Even if a business is unable to keep a full-time in-house attorney on its payroll, every effort should be made to establish a relationship with a reputable attorney in the area.

What kind of protection does a commercial law attorney offer a small business owner?

Contract Litigation

Contracts are an important part of doing business. They govern many of the decisions and arrangements that affect small businesses, but things can get complicated when business owners try to apply contracts to their daily business actions. An attorney can help you understand how to operate within the restrictions of contracts affecting your business. Additionally, an attorney can represent your best interest if you are accused of being in breach of contract or you believe a business associate is in breach.


Try as you might to follow the straight and narrow as a business owner, you might eventually encounter a customer unhappy enough to bring a lawsuit against your company. Likewise, you might encounter a situation in which you need to take legal action. Your ongoing relationship with an experienced commercial law attorney makes it easier to get the protection you need and move legal matters along as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right Entity

An experienced commercial lawyer can help you choose and form the right type of entity to operate and protect your business such as a limited liability company or S-corporation. There are important tax and liability issues involved in selecting, forming and maintaining the existence of your business entity. You and your attorney can discuss all of the issues affecting your small business and determine a course of action that is appropriate.

Small business owners have a lot to worry about, but reliable legal representation should not be cause for concern. If you own a small business in Colorado, contact the law offices of Miller and Steiert, P.C., for more information about how we can protect your business.


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