Colorado follows the law that a lot of states do in that it’s presumed when you have an employment relationship, that it is at-will, which means you don’t have any guarantee that you’re going to be employed with that company or that employer for any set period of time or for any set salary or […]

In Colorado if you’re an at-will employee that means that in general you can be terminated for any reason or no reason by your employer at any time. Conversely, you can quit your job for any reason or no reason at any time. However, just because you’re at will doesn’t mean you don’t have employment […]

3 Reasons to Hire a Denver Business Attorney When Starting a Company Hiring a lawyer when you’re launching a company is more than a good idea. The Daily Muse, a company that specializes in offering expert business advice, actually calls it “crucial” in an article for Forbes Magazine. Moreover, The Unites States Small Business Administration […]

Why should you choose Miller & Steiert as your corporate lawyers? Miller & Steiert has been around since 1959 and we’ve been continuously operating since then. We have had a strong presence in Littleton, in South Denver and actually all over the state, representing small, mid-size and large corporations. In some cases we have second […]

How can a corporate lawyer help you with federal, state or local regulations? As a lot of people know there is a maze and a huge amount of federal, state and local regulations that can apply to certain businesses and it really depends on the nature of your business and what kind of industry you’re […]

Tax issues come up frequently for corporations, and small businesses, midsize businesses, and large businesses alike and there are important aspects of tax planning that a good corporate lawyer can assist you with.     One of the most important pieces is choice of entity, which means what kind of an entity is my business going […]

  Retail business owners have a lot on their plate. Understanding laws about zoning of their brick and mortar store is an important part of business success. If you are in the process of launching a new business, what do you need to know? Choosing Your Business Location Your business location is extremely important. Choosing […]

Contract breaches are fairly common in the business world, but they can create a number of problems. Many business relationships have been ruined because of contract breach. The situation is especially frustrating when you are a small business owner and lack the resources to employ a team of attorneys to help you with your contract […]

  Signing a contract is all too often an act people do with very little thought. Unfortunately, this can lead to an expensive, difficult situation in the future. It is always better to take time to read and understand a contract before signing it. Depending on the type of contract and reason you are signing […]

Small business owners in Littleton and throughout Colorado understand how important it is to protect their business interests. They make things like tax preparation and reinvesting in their businesses a priority, and they should do the same when it comes to legal representation. Even if a business is unable to keep a full-time in-house attorney […]

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