What Do Corporate Lawyers Do Regarding To Leases And Real Property Issues?

What do corporate lawyers do related to leases and real property issues?  As you can imagine, many corporations deal with real property issues on a couple of levels.  One is many corporations, of course, lease or rent office space or manufacturing facilities or other types of property to use in their business.  
    It’s very important in those situations to make sure before you enter into a lease for a piece of commercial property, that you’ve consulted with an experienced real estate lawyer who can advise you as to a wide range of issues that can arise in the context of a commercial lease.
    Those issues involve questions such as indemnification, questions of whether the principles of the company will be liable under personal guarantees.  Areas of the leases that can be subject to negotiation such as the length of terms. The amount of tenant improvement allowances that a landlord may be providing to a client, to a customer who’s a potential tenant.  
    In some situations corporate clients are, in fact, the landlord and so they deal with that issue from the opposite view in that they are the ones who are, in fact, leasing space.  Perhaps a corporation purchases an office building and occupies two floors of it and leases out the other three floors to tenants.  Again, an experienced lawyer such as the lawyers at Miller and Steiert, can be very, very helpful in making sure that a lease protect you, protects your business and your investments.

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