What Does A Corporate Lawyer In Colorado Do?

What in general does a corporate lawyer in Colorado do? A corporate lawyer in Colorado assists clients with a variety of different issues dealing with the creation, formation, liabilities, and ongoing existence of a company or corporate. One of the most important initial things if you are deciding to start a business, to create a business, is to chose an appropriate entity, whether that is a corporate, either a C corporate or a S corporate, or an LLC, or a partnership, or a joint venture. We have a number of different entities that are available under Colorado law, and depending on the nature of your company, the nature of your business, your tax issues, your liability issues, that will lead us to advise you to select one or another of the different kinds of entities that are available.
    Corporate lawyers deal with, basically, all issues that come up for a company during its existence. It can be broken down into a number of different discrete areas of legal practice, and some lawyers have more experience in others and specialize in certain areas. Corporate lawyers deal with employment issues, because of course many or most corporations have employees. Some have a significant number of employees. Employment law issues come up very frequently for corporate clients. Those issues can relate to employment contracts, the status of your employees, whether they are at will or whether they have a contractual right to be employed.
    In a similar vein, corporate lawyers will review and advise clients about how to set up personnel manuals, personnel policies, policies dealing with things such as sick leave and vacation, and things that sound sort of everyday but are very, very important and are potential sources of significant liability for corporations or for business clients.
    Other issues that can come up in an employment-related context deal with potential claims that an employee has been discriminated against, that they haven’t been provided with appropriate leave under state or federal leave laws. There’s a whole maze of issues, and it gets a little complicated depending on the type of corporation and the number of employees, because there are sets of laws that are state employment laws, and then there are sets of laws that are federal employment laws. Depending on the number of employees that a company has, they may be subject to only state laws, some of the federal laws, or all of the laws. Sometimes it’s a difference between whether you have 15 or 20 or 25 or 50 employees or more will control whether you’re subject to certain laws, laws that a lot of people have heard of like the Americans With Disabilities Act or the Family Medical Leave Act, or state statutes which provide similar rights to employees under state law rather than federal law.

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