As a courtesy, we wanted to let you know that a Federal Court in the Eastern District of Texas has enjoined the implementation or enforcement of the new overtime exemption rule issued by the Department of Labor that was scheduled to be effective December 1, 2016. This injunction is nationwide. This ruling means that the […]

Why should you choose Miller & Steiert as your corporate lawyers? Miller & Steiert has been around since 1959 and we’ve been continuously operating since then. We have had a strong presence in Littleton, in South Denver and actually all over the state, representing small, mid-size and large corporations. In some cases we have second […]

How can a corporate lawyer help you with federal, state or local regulations? As a lot of people know there is a maze and a huge amount of federal, state and local regulations that can apply to certain businesses and it really depends on the nature of your business and what kind of industry you’re […]

What do corporate lawyers do as it relates to contract law? As you can imagine, corporations deal with contract issues all the time because that’s generally how business is done between entities and sometimes between individuals and corporations.    Contract review, contract drafting is a very important function of a corporate lawyer. The issues that can […]

Corporate Lawyer Colorado Discusses Contract Law

What in general does a corporate lawyer in Colorado do? A corporate lawyer in Colorado assists clients with a variety of different issues dealing with the creation, formation, liabilities, and ongoing existence of a company or corporate. One of the most important initial things if you are deciding to start a business, to create a […]

Corporate Lawyer Colorado On Employment Law

For as long as people have had jobs, there have been complaints about those jobs. Most business owners understand a bit of employee griping around the water cooler can be a good way to reduce stress, as long as matters do not get out of control. No work environment is perfect and discussing the imperfections […]

Navigating the sometimes choppy waters of the job market can be tough for anyone, but it is especially frustrating when a former employer is speaking negatively about your performance. If you have been searching for a job and find things are going well until potential employers contact your references, you might be a victim of […]

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