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What Traits Matter Most When Evaluating a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal Defense attorney - gavel and handcuffsThe choice of who is going to represent you in a criminal case is a critical decision that every defendant and every person needs to make. Some of the major factors in deciding who is a good criminal defense attorney is primarily someone that you trust, someone that you believe, someone who believes in you, someone who believes in the facts that had happened. I think it’s important for you to find someone who is not going to judge you or find fault necessarily in any actions or inactions that may have been committed and someone who doesn’t take the allegations that are placed against you as fact but as a starting point from which to go.

I think it’s important and critical to find someone who will be realistic in what the outcome of the case will be and also someone who is able to give confidence in what will happen, what could happen and the likeliest outcome of what will occur in a case. I am always concerned about anyone who will give promises of what will happen in a case because, in the criminal justice system and in criminal cases, the outcome is not for sure. There is no certainty, especially when you are to go to trial in a particular criminal case.

Finding someone who you believe in, someone that you trust, someone that believes in you and will give you good, realistic sound advice is important in deciding who you want as your criminal defense attorney.

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