The choice of who is going to represent you in a criminal case is a critical decision that every defendant and every person needs to make. Some of the major factors in deciding who is a good criminal defense attorney is primarily someone that you trust, someone that you believe, someone who believes in you, […]

Any time you have any contact with the police or the police department or a sheriff’s department, you should be extremely wary, and you should take caution to make sure that you are not assisting the police in the investigation or proving the allegation against you. One of the greatest things that you will ever […]

A bond in Colorado is the financial or other security that the court requires a defendant to be placed that guarantees that they will appear before the court. Nearly every case in Colorado before the criminal justice system has a bond or some other bond requirement. In many cases, the bond is set by the […]

Watch as Criminal Defense lawyer Ben Currier explains what things to do and what not to do when you are stopped by the police or arrested. Some key details include how to avoid helping the police build a case against you and how vital it is and at what stage you should retain the services […]

Listen in as Littleton Criminal Defense Lawyer Ben Currier explains how to best evaluate a criminal defense attorney before selecting him or her for your case. Watch as he discusses the things that you’d want to look for, including a working relationship with the people of the courts under which you’ll be represented in, and […]

In hiring a criminal defense attorney, 3 questions are sometimes overlooked that really shouldn’t be. The first question before hiring a criminal defense attorney should be: does that attorney practice and know the district attorneys and the deputy district attorneys in the district where your case is? For example, does that attorney practice in Arapahoe […]

Watch as Ben Currier explains how a bond works and how it relates to arrests and criminal law. In this video, he also goes into detail with who actually sets the bond, how the bond amount is determined, and the consequences for violating a bond. If you’ve been arrested and need legal counsel, contact Miller […]

What do you do if you’ve been arrested for a DUI? If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you have probably either made it out of detox or made it out of jail and are on bond with a ticket that says that you have a court date coming up pretty soon. The other thing […]

How do you choose the right criminal defense attorney for you? Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful things that you can go through. The court process is difficult to understand, doesn’t make a lot of sense, takes a lot of time, and is very stressful for anyone to go through […]

  Being charged with a DUI is a frightening and often humiliating experience and puts you at risk for losing your driving privileges. Those charged with DUI face high fines, attendance in alcohol education programs, community service, and in some cases, jail time. If you are facing a charge of DUI, an experienced attorney might […]

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