The question is asked oftentimes what happens if I don’t have a will and I don’t have other documents to distribute my estate at my death. Well, the question is best answered initially by saying it’s not going to go to the State of Colorado generally speaking if you have any heirs or ancestors who […]

What Does A Divorce & Family Law Attorney Do?

What does a divorce attorney do, or what does a family law attorney do? This person is going to not only be able to tell you what the law is and guide you through the process, but also be able to strategize and prepare for life outside of your marriage or life in a single […]

How Do You Choose A Divorce Attorney?

How Do You Choose A Divorce Attorney? One of the most important things in choosing a divorce attorney is someone that you get along with, that you trust, who you feel like you’re getting good information from, and one who will tell you the truth no matter what the consequences are or how difficult the […]

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