Top Reasons to Select Mediation over Arbitration

What are the top reasons to select mediation instead of litigation? Mediation is more flexible. It’s more creative and it costs a whole lot less in terms of money and time. When you go into mediation it’s a voluntary process. It’s confidential and the parties have the flexibility to come up with whatever solution makes […]

What is Colorado’s New Felony DUI Law?

Colorado DUI legislation changed in August of 2015, making a 4th DUI felony a felony charge with the possibility of prison time. Watch as Denver criminal law attorney Ben Currier explains the details and the implications of this new Felony DUI law. Do you need help with a recent DUI? Contact us today at 303-798-2525 […]

The difference between mediation and arbitration is that arbitration is an alternative to a public trial. Its a private trial where the parties are hiring an arbitrator and the arbitrations are confidential as opposed to being in a public courtroom. Normally the rules around how to litigate a dispute are set by the arbitrator. There are […]

Essentially probate court is a court in which the stuff of a person who dies is determined to whom it goes to. Whether it goes to family members or whoever that person wanted to have their possessions. In Denver District Court they have a special judge assigned just to do probate work. In the other […]

The choice of who is going to represent you in a criminal case is a critical decision that every defendant and every person needs to make. Some of the major factors in deciding who is a good criminal defense attorney is primarily someone that you trust, someone that you believe, someone who believes in you, […]

Any time you have any contact with the police or the police department or a sheriff’s department, you should be extremely wary, and you should take caution to make sure that you are not assisting the police in the investigation or proving the allegation against you. One of the greatest things that you will ever […]

Frequently in probate court, the need for a conservator, part of a conservatorship or a guardian as part of a guardianship, arises. It could be because the person that needs protection is a minor and can’t make those kinds of decisions, or they could be incapacitated because of health reasons or a related injury perhaps, […]

Colorado follows the law that a lot of states do in that it’s presumed when you have an employment relationship, that it is at-will, which means you don’t have any guarantee that you’re going to be employed with that company or that employer for any set period of time or for any set salary or […]

If someone objects to a will that’s been lodged in court, then that becomes a will contest. Someone’s objecting to what the will says is supposed to happen to the person who dies’ estate, and they object, and they say, “That really isn’t what the person who died wanted. He didn’t want this will, and […]

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