Frequently in probate court, the need arises for either a conservatorship and a guardianship. Due to factors such as the person involved in a settlement was a minor, or their was some type of injury, such as a tramatic brain injury, that necessitates the need of a guardianship or conservatorship. Listen as Probate Litigation Attorney […]

A lot of people don’t understand that there are two layers of laws dealing with employment discrimination in the United States, and those are laws that are enacted by states, such as the state of Colorado, and laws enacted by the federal government. There are a huge variety of these laws that protect people against […]

Denver Probate Litigation Lawyer Gary Clexton explains the basics of a probate court and the types of cases that a probate court is likely to take on. Do you need legal representation for a probate case? Contact Miller & Steiert today to speak with a Denver probate lawyer that can help guide you through your […]

There are a lot of significant differences between having at will employment status and being truly under an employment contract. As we discussed a little bit before, an at will employment arrangement in Colorado, and in most states, means that you or the employer can terminate your employment at any time for any reason or […]

There are important differences between an employment contract and at-will employment at a company. Watch as Chris Forrest of Miller & Steiert explains those differences and how those differences influence the rights and protections you have at a company. Contact Miller & Steiert today to discuss at-will employment and if your rights have been violated […]

In hiring a criminal defense attorney, 3 questions are sometimes overlooked that really shouldn’t be. The first question before hiring a criminal defense attorney should be: does that attorney practice and know the district attorneys and the deputy district attorneys in the district where your case is? For example, does that attorney practice in Arapahoe […]

Watch as Miller & Steiert Probate Litigation Attorney Gary Clexton explains what a will contest is and how it influences the ability of a designated benefit recipient from receiving the benefits outlined in a will. In this video, he also discusses the two major reasons used to contest a will. Do you feel that a loved […]

Did you know that some states compel people to obtain a lawyer for real estate transactions? Although Colorado isn’t one of them, it does indicate just how serious these types of contracts are. It’s possible to have your arrangements go off without a hitch without the extra help, but it rarely works that way. There […]

Many clients arrive to our office describing various conditions at their workplace they believe represents a hostile work environment. However, the legal requirements for a hostile work environment are very stringent and narrow. Watch here as Chris Forrest explains the conditions necessary to demonstrate what a hostile work environment is and whether there you may […]

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