Watch Attorney Ben Currier explain what you should look for in a Family Law Attorney. If you have questions or need help with family law or divorce matters in Colorado, contact Miller & Steiert, PC today.

Grounds For Divorce In Colorado

In order to get divorced in Colorado, the specific grounds that you need to be able to assert to a court is that the marriage is irretrievably broken. When a marriage is irretrievably broken, a court will inquire whether there really is no saving a marriage, that it really is over. The court doesn’t get […]

Learn about spousal support/alimony and how it is determined, Attorney Ben Currier explains in the video below. For more information about family law or divorce matters in Colorado, contact Miller & Steiert, PC today.  

In Colorado, each parent as long as they don’t otherwise have some kind of a problem, including a drug problem or an alcohol problem or having gone through a domestic violence case, stands relatively equal with the court. Once upon a time it used to be that the mother would have higher rights towards parenting […]

Watch Attorney Ben Currier explains the process for filling for child support in Colorado. For more information about family law or divorce matters in Colorado, contact Miller & Steiert, PC today.

What is a Medical Power of Attorney?

Medical power of attorney allows an individual to delegate responsibility for making medical decisions to another person or persons. You can have multiple agents, although the medical community typically prefers that you have but one agent, which I refer to as a general. Watch as probate attorney Walter Kelly explains the concept of medical power […]

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is typically a written document by which an individual, who is described as the principal, has the ability to delegate tasks to another person, who is generally called the agent. Do you need to create a power of attorney document? Contact Miller & Steiert today, a law firm with experience in […]

What is a Financial Power of Attorney?

Financial Power of Attorney is typically granted via written document by you and designates a person(s) as the authority for financial decisions, known as your agent. Watch as probate and estate planning attorney Walter Kelly explains the powers granted by financial power of attorney. Are you preparing a financial power of attorney document? Do you […]

I’m often asked how should parties select a mediator. It depends on who the parties are, what the dispute is, whether they have counsel, so there are a lot of different ways to choose a mediator. I think it’s very important for people to know who they are selecting as their mediator because that will […]

Top Reasons to Select Mediation over Arbitration

What are the top reasons to select mediation instead of litigation? Mediation is more flexible. It’s more creative and it costs a whole lot less in terms of money and time. When you go into mediation it’s a voluntary process. It’s confidential and the parties have the flexibility to come up with whatever solution makes […]

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