What do corporate lawyers do as it relates to contract law? As you can imagine, corporations deal with contract issues all the time because that’s generally how business is done between entities and sometimes between individuals and corporations.    Contract review, contract drafting is a very important function of a corporate lawyer. The issues that can […]

Corporate Lawyer Colorado Discusses Contract Law

Contract breaches are fairly common in the business world, but they can create a number of problems. Many business relationships have been ruined because of contract breach. The situation is especially frustrating when you are a small business owner and lack the resources to employ a team of attorneys to help you with your contract […]

Bad faith occurs when an insurer breaks a contract with a policyholder by denying a legitimate claim or unreasonably delays processing a claim. Insurers must act in good faith and provide compensation when a reasonable claim is made, but they sometimes deny a claim to save money. Sometimes, they underpay a claim for the same […]

  Signing a contract is all too often an act people do with very little thought. Unfortunately, this can lead to an expensive, difficult situation in the future. It is always better to take time to read and understand a contract before signing it. Depending on the type of contract and reason you are signing […]

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