There’s a new law in Colorado regarding digital assets, and we affectionately refer to the law as RUFADA. That stands for the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. It is a mouthful, but what this act is trying to do is it’s trying to reverse the issues that federal law has presented. Under […]

Who May Have Access To My Digital Assets?

If you want to get access to social media, the Power of Attorney must specifically state that your agent has the right or ability to get access to that account. The second individual would be a trustee of a trust and third would be a conservator of somebody’s estate. For more information about family law […]

If a loved one has passed away and there is either no planning in place or the planning that is in place does not address digital assets, unfortunately the answer is that there’s not much that we can do. The terms of service in federal law are likely going to control, in which case nobody […]

One of the things that you can do is to create a list of user names and passwords. Here at Miller and Steiert, we keep up on all the changing laws with digital assets so that your estate plan is also up to date. For more information about family law or divorce matters in Colorado, […]

What Is A Digital Asset?

Traditionally, when people think of assets when they die, they’re thinking of either a tangible asset like a car, jewelry, furniture or they’re thinking about some type of financial account like a life insurance policy or a bank account, investment accounts, but now that we’re living our lives in the digital world, we need to […]

Our paralegal will be send an intake questionnaire to fill out before the initial consultation. It can be kind  of scary coming to in to talk to an attorney for the first time, so we want to use the 1-1.5 hours that we have to provide basic rundowns of the documents, discuss the questionnaire and […]

How Are My Assets Transferred In My Will?

Most people, when they traditionally think of a will, they think, “When I die, this is where my assets are going.” And that is in fact something that a will can do, but that’s not the only thing a will can do for you. The other thing that a will can do, is it can […]

There’s a lot of differences between wills versus trust. There’s no right answer for every person. I see a lot of people that come to me and they say, “I don’t need a trust. It costs more to draft that. I just want to do a last will and testament.” Well, that’s a misconception. A […]

First Misconception In Estate Planning

Misconceptions that I hear just from the general public and from some clients. The first one would be, I don’t need an estate plan. The state of Colorado is just going to take care of it for me. Well, there is some truth to that. You don’t necessarily have to have an estate plan for […]

Many people think that a will is all that’s needed for their estate. However, this is rarely the case. Much more is involved if you want your final wishes to be carried out exactly as you desire. A Denver Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You Avoid These 6 Mistakes When planning your estate, consult with […]

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