Can Having A Will Save Me Money?

Oftentimes the question is asked, how can a will save me money or can a will save me money? The answer is absolutely. First of all, it can avoid disputes amongst family members as to who’s in charge of the estate and avoid the stress and anxiety that may come with that kind of dispute. […]

What can a will do for me? People often ask. The answer is: Quite a lot. First of all, one of the main function of a will is to appoint the individual that you want to be in charge of your estate after your death. If you don’t have a will then the Colorado statutes […]

The question is asked oftentimes what happens if I don’t have a will and I don’t have other documents to distribute my estate at my death. Well, the question is best answered initially by saying it’s not going to go to the State of Colorado generally speaking if you have any heirs or ancestors who […]

There are many questions that arise when a person begins planning for when they are gone. Most people want to provide as best they can for their families, but the process can be daunting. For many, understanding a bit about the estate planning process encourages them to take action. Below are five of the most […]

Estate planning is something that finds its way to the backburner for many people. Some are uncomfortable dealing with the management and division of their assets, and others just choose to procrastinate. Unfortunately, putting off estate planning can cost you money now and in the future. Many who are just beginning the estate planning process […]

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